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Cashew 'cheese' & almond-moong spread on flax-seed crackers

Snack time!


- half a cup of flax seeds

- half a cup of sunflower seeds

- 1 tsp of ginger powder

- 2 tsp of lime juice

- 1 cup of water

Mix all together and form small round crackers, place in the dehydrator over night or buy Flax Snax form GoRaw :)

Cashew 'cheese':

- half a cup of cashews

- 1 lemon (juice it)

- 1 tbsp of hemp seeds

- 3 tbsp of olive oil

- himalayan salt (pink salt)

- 1/3 cup of water

Soak cashews for at least 20 min, drain the water. Blend cashews, olive oil, lemon juice, hemp seeds and salt together in the food processor, when smooth add water and mix it for few more minutes until creamy.

Almond-Moong spread:

- 10 almonds

- half a cup of sprouted moong dal

- half a lemon (juice it)

- himalayan salt (pink salt)

- 3 tbsp of olive oil

Mix all together in the Vitamix or blender until smooth.

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