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Quinoa & Amaranth 'Oatmeal'

Looking for warm, vegan, gluten & wheat-free oatmeal? This is your answer.

- half a cup of quinoa

- half a cup of amaranth

- half organic apple

- half organic pear

- 10 cashews

- handful of raisins

- coconut manna

- sunflower seeds

- 3 cups of water

After washing, place quinoa and amaranth in the rice-cooker. Add cut apple, pear, cashews, raisins and 3 cups of water. Let is cook while you are taking shower, meditating, doing yoga or anything else! Once done (the rice-cooker will turn to 'warm'), if you like you can add a little bit water to make it mushy. Serve with coconut manna and roasted sunflower seeds.

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